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2/3 seater sit on top kayak ideal for family fun, day plays, exploring on slow moving rivers, small ocean swells or waves. Available in 9 colours.

Our regular 2/3 seater sit on top kayak – perfect for families and friends wanting to explore the water together! With specialist features for holding rods and other accessories, this boat is perfect for kayak fishing too.

What is the Mahee Kayak?

The Mahee sit on top kayak is a fantastic versatile and robust multi-seater boat. It is designed to be used as a tandem kayak with the lighter paddler sitting in the front, however due to its flexible seating design it can be paddled solo by sitting in the centre position or used as a family 3 seater with room for a child in the centre position.
Suitable for day play and exploring on small ocean swells or waves, lakes, estuaries and slow moving rivers. It is really popular for fishing from.


Features of the Fatyak Kaafu kayak include:

-Easy to reach moulded in water tight storage hatches to store mobile phones, keys and other personal items.

-Water repelling deck.

-Self bailing scuppers.

-Bait storage area as added feature for the fishing fans amongst you.

-Full length tracking hull with edge swages for extra stabaility.

-Comfortable moulded handles on the front, back and sides make for easy car topping on a standard roof rack.

-Rear stowage recess with bungee rigging for storing clothing and other items when paddling.

-Moulded in brass inserts for extra strength and durability.

-Accessory attachment points making it very versatile.

-Stackable for easy storage.

-Staggered foot braces to suit paddlers with different leg lengths.

-Two waterproof storage hatches to keep your personal items safe and dry

Each boat also comes with:

Padeyes, Drain Plug, Paddle Holder Bungee, Deck Loop Fittings, 2 x Mounts for Fish Finders, 2 x Forward Facing Rod Holder Mounts and 2 x Rear Facing Rod Holder Mounts.

Why choose the Mahee Kayak?

The Fatyak™ Mahee kayak is a versatile sit on top kayak with a proven hull design ensuring the perfect balance between stability and manoeuvrability.

The Fatyak™ Mahee kayak comes generously kitted as standard with 2 dry storage hatches, quality deck loops, drain plug, 2 paddle parks, staggered foot wells, 2 mini storage trays and bungy covered rear storage section.

The Mahee sit on top kayak is safer than closed top kayak because if the boat capsizes, kayakers are not trapped inside – instead they simply fall into the water and can then hold onto the boat for safety.

Like all of our kayaks, the Mahee is made in the UK to the highest standards using rotation moulding, creating light, strong and long-lasting products. We take our quality control very seriously at Fatyak so in the unlikely event of a problem with your kayak we will always strive to attend to it immediately.

What is the difference between the Mahee and the Adventure S Mahee?

The https://fatyak-kayaks.co.uk/product/fatyak-adventure-s-mahee-kayak/” target=”_blank”>Adventure S Mahee is exactly the same boat, just made of a material that is lighter and has a greater tensile strength, making it stronger, easier to carry and more durable. The Adventure S is perfect for paddlers who will get a lot of use out of the boat or the slightly more serious paddler.

Optional Extras

Rod Holders, Adjustable Leg Straps, Adjustable Seat Back, Paddle Holder, Kayak Paddle


Day Play, Exploring, Beach Fun and Fitness, Fishing.


The Fatyak kayak is a one piece rotationally moulded kayak, no seams no joints and is manufactured using high grade high density UV stabilised polyethylene. It has moulded in padeye fixings giving unsurpassed leak protection. All Fatyak kayaks are manufactured in accordance to BS7852 in Somerset England.

Spare Parts

Broken or lost a part of your kayak? We have a full range of spare parts. Just head to our “spares” category in products.

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