Smartwave SW4200

2 available models:
‘Open Boat’ and ‘E-Fish Centre Console’

The boatie’s wants and needs are all met in this ‘Perfect for Fishing’ SmartWave SW4200.

Wow! You won’t beat this boat for stability, safety, dry and smooth riding, even in rough waters. Best of all, it is seriously user friendly. With it’s flat internal floor and hidden conduits, all cabling for steering etc is out of way allowing for an excellent safe and clean layout. This means the boat is ideal for the serious fishing guru or the whole family, kids and all.

The SmartWave SW4200 has been designed with a ‘Robson Series’ hull which results in one of the most stable, safe and smooth riding boats of today. The SW2400 is constructed from twin skinned Polyethylene and foam filled using the B.I.F.F foam system so you can be assured it’s virtually un-sinkable, indestructible and maintenance free. A long development program has achieved a strong and extremely robust boat suitable for even the most demanding user.

The SW4200’s impressive deck space and excellent sea keeping performance make this craft ideal for water sports, fishing or duck shooting, rescue work or as a tough commercial workboat. The extensive features and light weight make the AV3500 effortless for single handed use or launching in difficult situations. In short the SW2400 will excel in every application.

Important information for using a trailer

Your boat is your valuable possession and must be carried with care.

The correct trailer configuration is absolutely important, so you get that optimum performance onc eon the water.

Any trailer used to support SmartWave must macth the following checklist.


  • Hull must be supported solely by longitudinal skids/bunks.
  • Longitudinal skids must be positioned close beside the inner side of the reverse chines.
  • Skid length must be capable of supporting at least 70% of the hull length.
  • Skids must support past the stern by at least 50mm.
  • Skids must have a contact surface being of plastic or carpet.
  • Trailer must have an entry roller and bow roller or snub block.
  • Keel rollers can be used but myst not be load bearing.

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SW4200 Models


  • Horse Power – 50
  • Length – 4300mm
  • Beam Exterior – 1930mm
  • Internal Height – 580mm
  • Dead Rise – 16.5°
  • Hull Weight – 220kg
  • Hull Thickness – 10mm
  • Capacity – 590kg
  • Adults (max) – 5
  • Transom Capacity – 150kg
  • Transom Size – 20inch


  • 5 x Seating Positions
  • 5 x Storage Compartments
  • Centre Seat / Storage
  • Bow & Stern Rails
  • Rod Holders
  • Drink Holders
  • Boarding Steps
  • Bow Tow Eye
  • Flat Floor
  • Reinforced Transom
  • Rear Floor Drain
  • Hidden Cabling Provision


  • Boarding Ladder
  • Bimini Cover
  • SmartWave Trailer
  • Ski Pole

Available Colours

Why Smartwave?

    • Virtually indestructible
    • Virtualy un-sinkable
    • Maintenance free
    • Durable one-piece mould
    • No osmosis, corrosion, rot or rust
    • Unrivaled hull thickness
    • Double skin
    • Positive buoyancy
    • Range of colour options


  • Fully recyclable